This issue of Studies in Museology has articles on a range of topics and issues related to museums. Article by Prof. Parimoo deals with the relevance, establishment and management of museums of History.

Article by Dr. Dey gives insights on the significant of ethnological collection at museums in the north-east region and alludes to the impact of changing life-style and legislations such as the Wildlife (protection) Act on the artefacts. Dr. Chakraborty dwells on establishment of museums in historic monuments and Dr. Ray deals with line of communication at museums. There are two articles on conservation. Dr. Patel describes the preservation of an excavated copper hoard and Dr. Verma retrospects wet preservation of plant specimens. Dr. Ramana commemorates the theme of International Museum Day 2014 – Collections make Connections. Ms. Dhalkar debuts with her article on application of Social Media.

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