Notification : Code of Conduct for PLG Students

Published on: 01-05-2017 INSTITUTE OF LEADERSHIP & GOVERNANCE >> Office


  1. A student must do nothing either inside or outside the University that will interfere with its orderly working and discipline.
           This comprehensive rule covers most cases that are likely to arise. It forbids, for instance:
          (a)Impolite or unseemly behaviour in classroom or University premises during working hours of the Institute.
          (b) Attempt to persuade other students to abstain themselves from regular classes.
          (c) Damage to or defacement of University furniture, fittings and property.
          (d) Disobedience of notifications or instructions issued by the University officials/ Visiting Faculty and Members of the staff duly authorized.
  1. No Student can be office bearer of any social political organization during the tenure of the course. He/she can not take part in any other socio political activities except assigned by the Institute. Student should not misuse any sensitive information shared by an expert or gained during field visit.
  2. No student can be part of any other part time/ full time academic programme during the tenure of course
  3. 70% attendance is mandatory for completion of course.
  4. Students are expected to behave with courtesy towards the members of the staff, their fellow students and all visitors to the Institution.
  5. Any kind of misbehavior during practical, field visits, internship can lead to punishment.
  6. Sexual harassment will lead to severe punishments like suspension, rustication from the University / Institution. The disciplinary action is as prescribed under The M.S. University of Baroda rules.
  7. Ragging is prohibited on University Campus, ragging is a criminal offence and is liable to severe punishment, including suspension, rustication and imprisonment.
  8. Every student has to wear the identity card issued by the institute as also produce as and when asked by the authorized officer of the institute.
  9. No student shall carry intoxicating or narcotic drugs/items with him and shall not consume it. Those who breach the orders shall be liable for cancellation of admission / rustication from the college.
  10. It is mandatory to obey the instructions given by the teachers pertaining to academic or other matters, time to time.
Any student convicted to be the culprit in the breach of any of the above guidelines or other specific instructions and the guidelines issued time to time by the authorities of University/ Examination Board/Institute, the Director of the institute shall be the competent authority to impose suitable punishment and in any extreme case can put the student on suspension or debar from the institute and the decision of the Director shall be binding to all concerned.