Ms. Neeta G. Dhar
Chief Account Officer (I/C)
University Head Office
VAODARA - 390002.
Phone : +91-2652795506
Fax :
Email :
Accounts Section deals with Revenue Accounts, Grants Accounts, Memorial & Charitable Fund Accounts, Higher Payment Programme Accounts and Provident Fund Account of the entire University.
The major functions of Account Section are as under:

Revenue Accounts

* Maintaining Books of Accounts
* Receipt and Payment of Cash
* Payment of Bills
* Advance Payment
* Maintaining Dead Stock Register & other Contingencies
* Collection of Fees
* Tax related work
* Compliance with Audit para
* Preparation of Estimated Annual Budget
* Preparation of Annual Accounts

Grants Accounts

* Research Grants
* Development Grants
* Plan Grants (UGC)
* Infrastructure Grants
* Issuing utilization certificates

Memorial & Charitable Fund Accounts

* Investment
* Gold Medals
* Insurance Policy
* Donation
* Fellowships/ Scholarships
* Payment of Bills

Provident Fund Account

* Provident Fund
* Settlement of Provident Fund
Chief Accounts Officer
Mr. Ojha Umesh
(O) +91-265-2795506 (Fax) +91-265-2792277
(R) +91-265-2415378

Name of Employees in Accounts Section:-
Name of the Employee Designation Work Email ID
Kum Bhavita Parmar CA -
Kum Kalpana N.Parikh Accountant - -
Shri BhalsinghD.Rathwa Superintendent - -
Shri.Bhupendra Parmar Assistant Accountant Provident Fund
Shri.Mukesh C.Shah Head Clerk Correspondence related to M & C Fund, Gold Medal,Senate, Investments
Shri.Pragnesh N.Amin Head Clerk Trial Balance
Smt.Neeta D.Shah Senior Clerk Grant Posting & Accounts
Smt.Roopa A.Sheth Senior Clerk Accounts of M & C Funds
Shri Jayesh Bhatiya Senior Clerk TDS, Grant -
Shri.Hemant N.Trivedi Senior Clerk Revenue Ledger Posting
Shri.Jignesh T.Shah Senior Clerk Revenue Bills Transfer& RTGS -
Shri.Salim H.Vohra Senior Clerk Cash Book writing
Smt.Swati P.Patel Junior Clerk Provident Fund
Shri.Nayan J.Gajjar Junior Clerk Revenue Bills, GSLI, Welfare Fund
Shri.Prakash G.Pandit Junior Clerk Cash Book writing of M & C Fund, Gold Medals, Donations
Smt.Yashashree B.Iyer Junior Clerk Provident Fund
Kum Pinky Agrawal Temp. Programme Officer Purchase
Smt Pooja K.Pandit Temp. Programme Officer Cash Payments -
KumYesha M.Shah Temp. Programme Officer Bank Reconciliation, Fees structure
Kum Mira S. Joshi Temp. Programme Officer Higher Payment Programme
KumVibha Mehta Temp. Accounts Clerk Revenue Accounts in Tally
Kum Mittal C.Madhavani Temp. Accounts Clerk Revenue Bills Transfer
Kum Trupti Rana Temp. Accounts Clerk Provident Fund
Shri.Bhargav Patni Temp. Accounts Clerk M & C Fund & HPP Bills Transfer& RTGS, Distribution
Smt Bhumika Brahmbhatt Temp. Accounts Clerk Cash Receipt, Forms distribution
Kum Nikita Parikh Temp. Accounts Clerk TDS
Kum Darshna Thakkar Temp. Accounts Clerk TDS
Kum Binny Tailor Temp. Accounts Clerk Cash Receipt, Forms distribution
Smt Avruti N.Adhvaryu Temp. Data Entry Operator Advance, Exam Bills transfer Avruti.adhvaryu
Kum Khyati P.Macwan Temp. Data Entry Operator Bills Distribution to respective Faculties
Shri Keyur Solanki Part Time Clerk Inward & Distribution of Post
Shri Kanchan Bariya Peon - -
Shri Rajesh Jadav Peon - -
Shri Harman Solanki Peon - -
Shri Harsad Parmar Peon - -
Smt Joshna Bariya Peon - -



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