Shri Amit Jani
Deputy Registrar
University Main Office
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VADODARA - 390002.
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ADE Section acts as a Personnel/HR Department for the whole University. It performs various activities initiating from entry of an employee in the University System through recruitment procedure up to Matured/Pre-matured Exit of an employee from the University System.

The major functions of ADE section are as under: 
*  To establish the Teaching and Non-teaching posts in the University as per the norms of Government of Gujarat from time-to-time
*  Recruitment Procedure of Teaching and Non-teaching employees,  Permanent as well as Temporary
*  Observing Implementation of Service conditions, Grant of Leave, Various types of Permissions and Deputations required during employment as specified under rules
*  Fixation of salary as per time-scale benefit or under CAS imposed by UGC/AICTE and approval of the same within stipulations of Government of Gujarat
*  Promotions/Transfers of Non-teaching employees
*  Preparation of Establishment of respective year
*  Maintenance/Updation of Personal Records of employees of the University
*  Preparation of Pension cases and communicating the same to Government of Gujarat for due approval
*  Correspondence with Government of Gujarat, UGC, AICTE, Other Agencies and Universities
  • This section is normally headed by a Deputy Registrar. The Deputy Registrar is also assisted by an Assistant Registrar.

Deputy Registrar  - (ADE/ADM/BC Cell)
  • Shri Amit Jani

    (O) +91-265-2782162 (Fax) +91-265-2792277

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