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Hotmail, which is renamed as Outlook after owned by Microsoft. Existing customers use is the first webmail service which is provided by Microsoft but there is no separate domain to view the mails and perform the other actions which are provided by Microsoft.

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Hotmail was founded by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia. In early times it is used with Four11's "Rocketmail" which later known as Yahoo Mail. It is launched on 4th July 1996.

The name of "HoTMaiL" is the combination of two words one is "HTML" and second is "Mail". Hotmail was sold to Microsoft in 1997 and it has more than 10 million subscribers.

The free version of "" provides around 50 keyboard shortcut keys for their web users. It offers you to connect your Hotmail account with skype that allows you to use a skype accpount with the same credentials.

The beta version of was launched on 31, July 2012 to the general public. Customer of upgrade to the update deployed on 3 April 2013, according to Microsoft but outlook graduated preview on February 18, 2013.


Hotmail Features

There is a quick web view available that helps users to use the web application easily, during finding emails you can easily find your emails because Outlook organized emails in a different folder according to their nature and it allows manual filters to keep your emails properly. by auto auto-completion of contact while composing email addresses.

You can upload and import your contacts in CSV format. Hotmail implements AI (Artificial Intelligence)which helps to filter the emails and keep it in their relevant folder and recognize spam emails. it supports different languages.

For your, security Hotmail allows Two-step verification. Which are knowns as 2 Factor Authentication(2FA). you need to add your phone number to enable the 2FA. The first step of security is that you need to enter your email and password then Hotmail sends you verification code by SMS or voice call you to need to enter the code in your browser. After complete both steps of authentication, it allows you to check your email and use all the features.

Microsoft introduces Hotmail that helps in paperless communication. It provides the fastest way of communication. Hotmail Allow User to register and login and avail all the offered services by Hotmail.

Outlook offered its users to save their time to download the document for edit or view. it allows Users to use the office in an email which helps to save the time of Users and provide a better user experience.

There is a big issue with email mixup. If you want to see a specific type of email, you need to search all in the mail. Hotmail Allow users to create their folders to keep their similar kind of email in a folder. It saves the user time and provides help to view what Users want.

MSN Hotmail

Hotmail was purchased by Microsoft for $400 Million in was added to MSN group Hotmail become very popular shortly. After some time it becomes a world popular mailing service. It is a mixture of FreeBSD and Solaris operating system. Hotmail still ran on UNIX servers.

Active view

Hotmail provides a dynamic look to its users, which allows users to interact directly with functionality and content in their mailbox. Outlook will enable the material which is sent from various places like youtube LinkedIn or and another source can be open and use in the inbox.

for example, someone sends you a youtube do not need to open youtube and search for the video you can play it in the email message by Hotmail active view.


Hotmail provides an excellent calendar web application that is released as windows live on 14 January 2008. its updated version released on 2 April 2013. it is the same calendar as provided in the windows. But it allows the user to schedule their events. It is an ajax based calendar, so the user does not need to reload or refresh the web page. You can access it from anywhere by active internet connection and your Hotmail account.


Sweep allows users to move or keep in the categorized way in a folder.user can make a different rule to keep the emails in categorized can be classified as senders information, attachments to the email, or any content in the email. It saves the user time to find the email.

Hotmail Mobile Applications.

Microsoft provides the client app of Hotmail for IOS and android devices, which allow users to access their email from mobile. they can send received and perform all the action which is available in the web app. just on one tap. Microsoft released it in December 2014. in beginning it is known by "Accompli" but in 2015 its rebranded as "Outlook Mobile".

Hotmail Login - Sign in

If you want to Hotmail login browse Locate the sign-in button which is placed on top right side of the page click on the "Sign in" button. It navigates you on the login page of Microsoft.

Write your email address in the text field shown on the page and click on the "Next" button. Now password field shows its time to enter your password. below the password field, there is a checkbox named "Keep me signed in" if you want to keep your account logged in check that and click on Sign in.

Now it navigates you on the main page of webmail where you see all emails and other information. If you enable Sign in with a security key just click it and connect your fingerprint scanner and verify your identity by scanning your fingerprint and login in its a more secure way to login to Mail.

There is more sign-in option available on Hotmail sign-in page like you can sign in with your GitHub account.

with Android

First of all Install Outlook app from the Play Store. now tap to open the installed Microsoft Outlook app. now enter your credentials(email and password) follow the screen and your emails display soon.

with iPad/iPhone

Tap setting to open goto accounts and password tap on Account. Select now enter your credentials and select the ending email ( now click on the Save button. here your email added to your IOS.

If you do not already have hotmail account lets create one.


Having difficulty while Hotmail account login? Check these steps first.

  • Turn off your caps lock button.
  • Check the spelling of your email. that it is spelled correctly.
  • Have a look at the service status of emailing service providers if service is green the go-ahead.

Hotmail login by mobile

Do you have a Hotmail account and you want to Hotmail login on your mobile phone?

It is so easy to Hotmail login by mobile phone. here is a step by step guide. follow the below step and login.

  1. Open "Play Store" or "app store" and download and install outlook applications on your mobile.
  2. Now It required your email and password. provide your "email" and "password" and tap on sign in.

Note: By following these simple steps you can login in your Android, IOS, and All mobile devices.

Hotmail Signup - Create New Account

To create Hotmail Browse click on Sign in(if you want to try premium account just click on try premium). When you click on "Sign in" it navigate you on the sign-in page locate No account? "Create one!" and click on "Create one!" now create your email and select from dropdown click "Next" button.

Here You have to create a password for your account Lets set a password and check the show password and confirm the written password if you want to get tips, and offers about Microsoft products and services check the second checkbox below show password now click "Next" button.

Now set your first name, last name, and click "Next". Select your country and date of birth in from the list and click "Next" to finish the setup it navigates you in your hotmail dashboard. Now your account has created and ready to use. Let's enjoy unlimited features.

Conclusion was founded in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith as Hotmail. In 1997 Hotmail was sold to Microsoft and joined the MSN group. in 1999 there was a security issue with Outlook account anyone can log in to its account by using "eh" as the password. There is a continuous increment in its ranking according to Alexa. Its the best and most used emailing service as Gmail or Yahoo mail.

Hotmail FAQ's

How to sign up and Login

In order to login, you need to input your Email Address in the login portion and your selected password in the password box.

What should I do if I am having a problem with the captcha?

Refresh the page and you will get the other image which may be understandable if not keep on doing this unless an understandable image comes.

Why is it saying "This email is part of a reserved domain please enter a different email address"?

If a situation comes, create another unique email address because when it comes it means that the email you have entered is already taken by someone else.

Why am I getting instead of

This is because Microsoft owns Hotmail now so due to this the email address also automatically converted. you can still choose prefix of your email between and

How to Secure Your Hotmail Account?

After successful Hotmail signup, now you have to be verified and then make your account secure. The main purpose of making your account secure is to prevent any other person from accessing your account. This can be done in some ways mentioned as following:

  1. Create your own security question which is secret and its answer is only known to you.
  2. Mention an alternate email address so that if you are unable to access your account through other means, you can get a confirmation mail on that alternative account.
  3. Verify your mobile number and connect your account with your mobile so that Outlook notifies you on every login with the time of login.
  4. We can also encrypt our messages for privacy purposes. Encrypting an email message in Outlook means it's converted from readable plain text into scrambled cipher text.

How to Solve Hotmail Login Issues?

Recently in previous day Hotmail was down and the users were unhappy due to the issues but overall these issues are the systematic issues. If you are facing any issues with Hotmail login first of all, you should take some basic steps like:

  • Clearing cache of your Web Browser or erasing the cookies
  • Upgrading your Adobe Flash Player
  • Refreshing the page
  • Or switching to another Browser

There are some other issues in logging in i.e. forgetting the Password, so you can always recover your password with the help of the mobile number that you have mentioned at the time of login. In case the mobile number is inactive or not working for some reason you may choose the option for an alternative email and the password will be recovered with the help of that mail which you have given as an alternative.

Is Outlook the same as Hotmail?

Yes, Outlook is the main name that is given by Microsoft. Hotmail and Outlook are the same and both mails ( and can be accessed by

Does Hotmail still exist in 2020?

No, there is no separate domain for Hotmail emails, the user has to log in their emails which has suffix in outlook. because of Microsoft merge both domains in

The hotmail email holders can log in their account and user can also create a new email with Hotmail in 2020.

Is still exist?

If you already have an hotmail email address you can easily login just need to visit and provide your email and password forhotmail login.

Is having Hotmail account unprofessional?

>Hotmail provides a free emailing service. there is no professional or unprofessional category provided.

It is professional or unprofessional according to your point of view. if you use it professionally so it is professional or if you use it unprofessionally so it is unprofessional.

How to transfer email data from Hotmail to Gmail?

Follow the below steps to migrate/transfer your data from Hotmail to Gmail.

  1. Browser and login with your Google account.
  2. Locate and tap on the "Wrench" icon place at the top right side of the page.
  3. Tap "Mail setting" and go for "Accounts and Imports"
  4. Now locate and click on "Import mail and contacts" it will open a popup message follow the steps to imports data from your Hotmail account.
  5. Now it requires your Hotmail email and password to transfer data.
  6. Select all checkboxes and click on "Start import". it will start the transfer process.

Block an email address in Hotmail?

It is very easy to block an email address and stop receiving emails from that.

  1. Log in to your Hotmail account with your email and password.
  2. Tap "option" and tap "more option".
  3. Locate and click "safe and block senders" you will find it under junk email.
  4. Click on "block sender" and Enter the email address that you want to block.
  5. Now click on add to list. it will be added to the block list.

Is Hotmail delete my account? I do not access it, for a long time.

Hotmail keeps your account active till 365 days of inactivity. after that it will be marked as inactive and deleted which can not be recovered.

You must log in hotmail account to keep it active before 365 days.

How to logout the Hotmail account?

Make sure you have an active Hotmail account and you are logged in using your email.

  1. You have to click on your profile icon, which is placed top right side of the page.
  2. when you click, A dropdown list displayed Which has a "sign out" option.
  3. Now click on "sign out" option you will automatically "log out" and redirected to the login page of