What will you get at the end of test?

Suggestions on food items and Recommended Daily Food chart based on your inputs.

Suggestions for proper sleep habits.

Ayurveda solutions to improve natural immunity system.

Recommendations on physical exercise and yoga to improve physical and mental health.

All these are made available on your phone/computer screen with few clicks and totally free.

Join and contribute in the fight against corona pandemic by staying home and living healthy. Improve the immunity to become a strong warrior. We are not jsut fighting corona, we are also fighting for the future of our country. Healthy population contributes efficiently to the nation’s progress.

Login and improve your own immunity system as well as that of your family members.


Assess your body

Enter your correct individual data as regards your physique, food habits, sleep habits and health condition which all directly affect your immunity system and form the basis for recommended diet, physical strain and sleep to improve immunity and health status.


Get free recommendations

Based on the data entered you will get a result generated which provides you a daily diet plan based on your inputs, suggestions regarding sleep you require and the physical exercise to strengthen immunity system of your body.


Help India

The sudden disturbance in the routine lifestyle threatens to leave serious effects on the physical and mental health. By following healthy lifestyle during these challenging times, help yourself and help India to fight against corona as well as upcoming challenges.