National Cadet Corps(N.C.C)

NCC is one of biggest youth forum which brings the vibrant students together and guide them in a proper direction so that they can play a constructive role in the development of the country. These students have enormous opportunity to show their talent and skill. Besides Military Training, they have an opportunity for adventurous activities which give them wide horizon and keep them morally and mentally fit so that they become a well disciplined members of the society. The students do Para Sailing, Gliding, Para dropping, Training Camps, National Integration Camps, Rock climbing and Mountaineering activities Boat Pulling/Sailing and Ship Modelling. They also go for Republic Day Camp and Prime Minister's Rally on 26 and 27 January every year. Various activities done by the students of M.S. University as NCC cadets are enumerated in succeeding paras.

Camp Activities (2005-06)

Total 485 students (Boys and Girls) of Air, Naval and Army attended camps in the country at a various places as under: -

A All India Basic Leadership Camps H First Aid Training B All India Advance Leadership Camps I Signal Training C Rock Climbing Camps J Army Attachment D All India trekking Expedition K Boat Pulling/Sailing E Annual Training Camps L Ship Modelling F Republic Day Camps M Gliding G National Integration Camps N Flying

Chief Minister Scholarship

Following cadets of THE M. S. University of Baroda were awarded Chief Minister Scholarship @ Rs. 50/- p.m. for the year 2005-2006.


(a) SUO Bhatt Pruthvisinh K Faculty of Commerce
(b)  SUO Yagnesh Patel Faculty of Commerce
(c) CWO Poonam Kumari Sharma   Faculty of Commerce
(d) CUO Prabha J. Tripathi Faculty of Commerce
(e) Cdt Capt Surati Bhumika K. Faculty of Commerce
(f) L Cdt Joy Kumar Chingakham Faculty of Arts