Engaging the adolescents in meaningful activities that shall further the process of their integration with society has become need of the hour. The contemporary scenario of involvement of adolescents / youth in undesirable activities is a matter of concern for all. In the given condition, it appears that there is apathy for constructive work and unawareness on the part of youth for the available opportunities. The situation, therefore, demands for some activity where these questions can be answered in an integrated manner. 

There are number of voluntary and governmental agencies who are very active on the front of involving youth in different activities. The attempts are being made to groom the youth section to become responsible citizens of India. As a matter of fact the focus towards these adolescents has been as the “Human Resource” having potential which can be enriched further with various inputs.

Youth as a Resource received good attention from the planners of our country. The whole ministry of Human Resource Development is constantly thinking to enhance HRD function at all levels. The Ministry has various departments among which Department of Youth Affairs & Sports is one which caters to the developmental needs of youth in our country. The department runs two kinds of programmes, i.e., National Service Scheme (NSS) and Nehru Yuva Kendra (NYK) for organised youths.

NSS which celebrated its Silver Jubilee in 1993-94 has now enrolled about 12 lakhs students all over the country including University and Higher Secondary School students. NSS has now taken a form of movement through which teachers and students are involved jointly for their effective participation in developmental work as well as for making education socially relevant. Therefore, NSS is described as the programme for personality development through community service.