Registered Graduates Information System (RGIS) for the Senate Election 2021

Welcome to the process of the Senate Election-2021
Apply on line to enroll your name in the electoral roll of registered graduates of the University.

Registration has closed

Take Print Out of Your Application


  1. First read the instruction carefully before registration. click here
  2. Click on the To Create New User ID. A new page showing 'Registration Form for Registered Graduate for the Senate Election 2021' will appear on the screen.
  3. Fill the Registration form. Click 'Register Me'. If there is some mistake against some entry, then it will be indicated in red letters. Correct the entries and again click 'Register Me'.
  4. If all entries are correct, click 'Yes' against the line 'Confirmation about information filled by you in the online form is correct ?' and click 'Register Me'.
  5. Login into the system again using existing User name and Password. Upload the documents which system prompts to you for upload.
  6. Once documents are uploaded system will ask you for payments. Complete the payment process.
  7. Click on 'Print Registration Form'. System will generate your Registration Form based on your entered information. Once form generated on the screen press 'Ctrl+P' to print your registration form.

Download Electroll Rolls of the Senate Election (19-12-2021)

Download Addition and Deletion in Electroll Rolls of the Senate Election (19-12-2021)

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