About Department

The Department of Zoology began its glorious existence in 1951 and since then imparts education for B. Sc., M. Sc. and Ph. D. in Zoology. So far 236 students obtained their Ph. D. Degree in various sub disciplines of Zoology. Prof. J. C. George, the founder head (1951-1967), pioneered the department as the research department from its inception. His efforts were progressed further by successive heads Prof. R. V. Shah (1967-1983), Prof. P. M. Ambadkar (1983-1990), Prof. B. Pilo (1990-1998), Prof. A. V. Ramachandran (1998-2002), Prof.(Miss) M. V. Asnani (2003-2005) in building the department. Presently the department is headed by Prof. Kauresh D Vachhrajani.

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