About Department

The Department of Zoology began its glorious existence in 1951 and since then imparts education for B. Sc., M. Sc. and Ph. D. in Zoology. So far 236 students obtained their Ph. D. Degree in various sub disciplines of Zoology. Prof. J. C. George, the founder head (1951-1967), pioneered the department as the research department from its inception. His efforts were progressed further by successive heads Prof. R. V. Shah (1967-1983), Prof. P. M. Ambadkar (1983-1990), Prof. B. Pilo (1990-1998), Prof. A. V. Ramachandran (1998-2002), Prof.(Miss) M. V. Asnani (2003-2005) in building the department. Presently the department is headed by Prof. Kauresh D Vachhrajani.

Departmental thrust areas for research include Avian Physiology, Animal Systematics and Molecular Taxonomy, Animal and Community Ecology, Avian Physiology, Development and Regeneration Endocrinology, Entomology, Fisheries and Aquatic Biology, Marine Biology, Ornithology, Reproductive Physiology and
Endocrinology, Phytotherapeutics and Metabolic Physiology, Cancer Biology, Toxicology, Neurobiology and others. The department was awarded DRS in 1982 and later continued as DSA from 1992-2003. Further recognition of research activities resulted into funding through COSIST and FIST Programs. Department also received Infra structure development grant under UGC-BSR scheme. Various funding agencies like UGC, ICAR, DST, DBT, MoES-OASTC, GSBTM, GBB etc. have provided funds for several research projects.

It is a dynamic and energetic department that plays a significant transformative role for the members; be it faculty or student, and offers to enable, empower and inspire them to fulfill their aspirations. The Department generates an atmosphere of intellectual excitement among faculty members and that of academic satisfaction among students. We believe in developing and strengthening the dedication, discipline and sense of moral and ethical values among teachers so that they can inculcate the same in students. The Department promotes a sense of excellence where by a teacher is not merely an instructor but a motivator, inspirer, counselor and mentor. The research in wider aspects of the Zoology, with the thought: think globally, define regionally and act locally, is given prime importance. Fulfillment of the societal responsibility is the primary path to reach the destination with satisfaction and sense of responsibility as a citizen. Here exists participatory, democratic and transparent governance for effective administration.