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The Secondary Teacher's Training College of Baroda established in 1935, constituted the Department of Education of the Faculty of Education and Psychology when the Maharaja Sayajirao University was established in the Year 1949. It provided leadership to the entire field of Teacher Education in the country. It also endeavored to establish Research tradition in the discipline of Education for the first timer in India.

It organized First All-India Conference of Training Colleges in 1950 and organized four more seminars, workshops and conferences in 50's itself. The workshop on Educational Evaluation and Testing procedure was conducted by Dr. B.S. Bloom, the Father of Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (Cognitive Domain) in the year 1957. In early 60's several reforms were introduced by the department in its programmes like semester system, grading, internal evaluation, credit system etc.

In 1962, the department collaborated with the University of Michigan and established a Centre for Research and Training in Secondary education (CRTSE). In due recognition of its excellent work in the field of Education, University Grants Commission selected the Department as Centre of Advanced Study In Education (CASE) in the year 1963. In 70's , CASE experimented and examined the Micro Teaching technique and Educational Technology in Education.

This research work at CASE, revitalized the Teacher Education in the entire India and other Asian countries too. CASE brought out First Survey of Research in Education in the year 1974, which helped researchers working in education worldwide. It introduced first time orientation programme for the University Teachers in the year 1975. First time, when modular approach was introduced in the world; the exemplary module selected from India by UNESCO, was developed by CASE. When NET examination was initiated in 1980's by the University Grants Commission, the first draft of NET in Education was developed in the workshop of experts organized by CASE.

In the year 2001, the Ministry of Human Resource Development provided Institute of Advanced Study in Education (IASE) to CASE. CASE work was further appreciated by UGHC and it provided ASIHSS programme from 2004 to 2007. CASE also monitors and supervises National programme, viz, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) in the state of Gujarat. It attracts Research Scholars from entire nation and from other countries such as Palestine, Thailand, Bangladesh, Srilanka etc.

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