PhD Framework

PhD Framework:

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The system is aimed to create and manage lifecycle of PHD students from the moment they register till they submit their thesis and get their doctoral degree. There are mainly five types of users in the system: Students, Guide (Assistant/Associate/Professor), Admin (Clerk under Dy Registrar-Exam), SuperAdmin (Dy Registrar), and CourseWork Admin. Following are the features of the system that it provides:

For Students:
1.    Registration as a PhD Student along with documents upload
2.    Submission of 6 monthly progress report
3.    Enrollment for Coursework
4.    Payment of semester/Synopsis/Thesis fees.
5.    Upload of synopsis
6.    Upload of thesis
7.    Extension requests
8.    Change of guide requests
9.    Change Title request
10.    Discontinuation of PhD

1.    Registration as Guide
2.    Approval of student registration to forward it to the Admin
3.    Approval of progress reports
4.    Approval of Synopsis and Thesis submission requests
5.    Approval of discontinuation/change title requests
6.    Managing departmental coursework for students

1.    Admin will just verify and forward all the request for approval to Super Admin

Super Admin:
1.    Final approval for all types of requests
2.    Issuance of registration certificate
3.    Issuance of coursework certificate
4.    Creating/Managing fees structure for PhD fees
5.    Adding new subjects/specialization for PhD

1.    Create/Manage coursework
2.    Publication of coursework/coursework results

Apart from this, various decision making reports would also be generated.