Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies

Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies:

The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda has recognition for doing excellent research. It has attracted excellent teaching faculties in various disciplines who have gained exposure and training in modern different research areas from esteemed institutes and Universities from India and abroad.

Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies at The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara, Gujarat was established in 2017 to create an inter-disciplinary scientific culture that will provide a conducive environment for the intermingling of various disciplines and enable the university in carrying out cutting edge research applying latest technologies and breakthrough scientific innovations. Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies is an excellent platform for bringing together Botanists, Biochemists, Chemists, Zoologists, Physicists, Earth Science researchers, Bio-informaticians, Engineers, Mathematicians, Epidemiologists, Nutritionists, Clinicians, Social work scientists, Economists, legal scientists, etc. to collaborate, tackle, investigate and unravel socially relevant research problems.

Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies brings established investigators from different disciplines to initiate discussions on emerging and disruptive areas leading to an integrated research program. It also uses tools of applied aspects of related fields of various scientific areas to tackle societal problems of immediate attention. The Institute also helps the investigators and research students across the different faculties to discuss the upcoming research challenges and make it a collaborating center across India to carry out various research applications. 
The major objectives of the Institute are:

  • To provide a robust platform for research investigators from various disciplines to collaborate and conduct breakthrough investigations via interdisciplinary research programs.
  • To encourage and promote a high-quality research environment, competence, standard and exchange of ideas and research work among research scholars and their mentors from respective faculties in the university and other collaborating institutes. 
  • To arrange faculty/speakers from national and international Universities, Institutes, Industries, and professionals to advance research programs in the university.
  • To develop a center of excellence in the field of Interdisciplinary Research Program focused on Applied Sciences.