About Department

Department of Psychology:

The Department of Psychology at The M. S. University of Baroda is one of the oldest and strongest departments in Western India. Since its inception the department has grown tremendously both in the sphere of teaching as well as research. This department is offering specialization in five areas – i.e. Clinical Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Educational-School Psychology and Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Sports Psychology at under graduate and post graduate level. Post graduate students are provided with internships in different corporate and service sector organizations, community guidance centres, mental hospitals, general hospitals, schools, clinics and counselling centres for on-the-job experience to facilitate the practical utility of their theoretical knowledge and give them professional training along with the academic input and training in the department.
From time to time the department organizes workshops and seminars. The department has undertaken various functions of teaching as well as research and guidance. A Counselling centre catering to the needs of student as well community is attached with the department. The department offers three part time post graduate diplomas namely (1) Human Resource Development (H.R.D.) and, (2) Community Mental Health (CMH), Clinical & Applied Hypnosis (C.A.H.).