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Department of Botany:

Department of Botany at M.S.University is unique in its expansive and interdisciplinary perspective, with a culture that twines intellectual inquisitiveness over a range of fields. Our faculty and students work collectively to disentangle mysteries of plants life in an ever-changing world. The mission of the department is to mentor generation next students about how plants can expansively contribute and cater to the needs of nature and humanity. The department takes a multi-dimensional approach in exploring Plant sciences as a subject of interest to both under graduate, post-graduate, and doctoral students.Our faculty is passionate in addressing contemporary research questions in specialised areas such as Phytodiversity, Ecology, Plant developmental processes, Specialised metabolites, Plants propagation and conservation. Department’s culture is intellectual openness and collaborative spirit providing a trusting and supportive environment to the students and transforming them as modern learners of Botany.

Department of Botany is known for its quality of teaching and research. The department has funding from DST-FIST and UGC-SAP programme. More than 35 research scholars are working in the field of Plant physiology, Plant anatomy, plant tissue culture, Ecology, Taxonomy, Remote sensing, Phytochemistry and Phytopathology.

Funding of more than 3.5 crores for research is available from agencies as DST, SERB, DBT, ISRO, MoEF, SSNL, NMPB, GBB, BSI, UGC, Department of Forest, Govt. of Gujarat, DOEn, ICAR, CSIR, UNIDO and GSFC Science Foundation have granted to the department for the same. The department have facilities to work on instruments like GC, HPLC, Radiometer, PCR, Microcentrifuge, Gel documentation system, Plant Growth Chamber etc. Due to which infrastructure has been strengthened.

Botanical garden and arboretum which is managed by the Department has a number of rare and economical plants. Support provided by National Medicinal Plant Board has helped in developing a rare collection of medicinal plants. Students from different institutions and schools regularly visit the garden. 

N.S.R.Krishnayya is associated with the department for the past 3 decades. His current research interests fall in areas as: 1)Tropical forest trees structure and function; 2)Carbon storage and sequestration in trees and soils; 3)Understanding wild species adaptability at molecular level.


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