About Department

Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology:

Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Institute of Cell & Molecular Biology which is an integral part of Faculty of Science, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, was established in year 2012, with a view to expand access to high quality interdisciplinary research and integrated teaching for young bright minds of India. Interdisciplinary research in life science which was supported by DBT, Govt. of India was initiated in the year 2010. Five year integrated teaching programme in   Cell and Molecular Biology leading to M.Sc degree was started in 2012 with financial support from the Govt. of Gujarat.

The institute is established with high quality infrastructure facility which includes central instrumentation facility with qualified Operators and well-equipped laboratories which are available for all departments in the university as well as institutions outside the university.

Teaching program is conducted in collaboration with the scientists from various national and international institutes along with experienced teachers from the Faculty of Science, The MS University of Baroda. Students are exposed to the most modern and up-to-date curriculum and contemporary developments in various disciplines of science. In addition to this, we also aim to develop excellent scientific and academic skills in our graduate students.

Eminent Scientists from national centres like NCBS-TIFR, IISERs, Laval University, Canada, University of Tennessee, USA, Newyork university,USA, Cambridge university, UK etc. are members of advisory board of the teaching programme. The integrated Cell and Molecular Biology course follows semester and Grade system with continuous evaluation. As a part of their teaching curriculum, students in this programme are privileged to meet at least one scientist from national and other international centers every semester for gaining academic and research knowledge. Scientists visiting Baroda conduct a short course in their fields and interact with faculty and students.
The special feature of this course is the students undergo Research Training every summer in various research institutes of India. In the fifth year (SEM-IX) they will select a lab in India or abroad to carry out research for 6 months for their thesis work.

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