About Department

Department of Indian Classical Music (Vocal):

The Vocal music department is the oldest and largest in India. The department was started as “Gayan Shala” way back in 1886, led by Prof. Mawla Bux under the patronage of Shrimant Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III. This was a historic move in the field of Institutionalized Music education in the history of India. Further it was led by Ut. Murtuza Khan till 1899 and then by a Russian jew Mr. Fredlis. He was also the manager of the state band. The music school was later on expanded in other parts of the princely Baroda state. Some of the renowned musicians later on joined on the staff of the college were, Ut. Tasadduq Hussain Khan, Aftab e Mousiqui  Ut. Faiyaz Hussain Khan 'Rangeele', Ut. Atta Hussain 'Ratanpiya', Ut. Nissar Hussain Khan of Rampur gharana and Gayanacharya Pt. Madhusudan Joshi.
The renowned Musicologist Pt. V. N. Bhatkhande was invited to restructure music education and evolved graded system for the first time.

In 1916, the department hosted historic first Music conference of United India led by Pt. Bhatkhande and patronized by Shrimant Sayajirao Gaekwad III, in which 400 stalwarts attended from all over India and neighboring countries. Eversince the revolution in Music education took place. A set of text books as written and prescribed by Pt. Bhatkhande was introduced under the Principal ship of Shri Hirjibhai Doctor since 1928.
The degree course in Music was introduced in the department of music since 1950. Four more disciplines viz. Vocal, Tabla, Sitar, Violin and Dilruba were introduced in the department. The institute was called as “The college of Indian classical music, Dance & Dramatics”. The institution was awarded the status of a separate faculty from 26/3/84, and was named as Faculty of Performing Arts.

The department of Music has divided in three separate departments:
1) Department of Indian Classical Music (Vocal)
2) Department of Tabla
3) Department of Indian Classical Music (Sitar & Violin)

Department of Indian Classical Music (Vocal & Tabla) has 10 teaching staff and three accompanists, highest in India. The average strength of students in the department is 500 plus.

The department has enrolment of students across the states of India and abroad.