About Department

Department of Music (Instrumental):

The Department of Instrumental Music relates with Historical background of Kalvant Karkhana established by Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad of Baroda, which was an ensemble of renowned artiest of different Indian Classical Music. These artiest were then shifted as instructor and teacher of Indian Classical Music in Gayan Shala, wich was first school of Indian Classical Music. In 1949 The Department established as Department of Instrumental Music in the College of Indian  Music, Dance & Drama under Faculty of Fine Arts. Since then the Department of Instrumental Music is a part of the Institute.

This is a prime department in western region of India impacting knowledge in Instrument like Sitar & Violin. The department is having its own system of teaching, i.e. Traditional & Institutional way simultaneously. Eminent teachers are also equally able in academics and traditions of Indian Classical Music.  So many academicians & Well-known performing Artists were the student of this well-known department