About Department

Department of Applied Chemistry:

The Applied Chemistry Department was established in 1972 and has the mission to be one of the advanced centres for Chemistry education in the country.

It started as a supporting department to cater to the teaching of chemistry and applied chemistry to the different disciplines of Engineering and Technology, and has evolved over the period of years as one of the advanced centre for chemistry and applied chemistry. Very recently in the year 2012, it has been recognised as ‘Centre of Excellence in Polymers‘ by the Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat, thus recognizing its potential in both human competence and infrastructural facilities.

Situated in the chemical industrial belt of Gujarat, it offers a four semester post-graduate course in M.Sc. (Applied Chemistry), and two semester (i) PG Diploma in Corrosion Technology, (ii) PG Diploma in Polymer Science and Technology and (iii) PG Diploma in Instrumental Techniques. The department also offers a Ph. D. programme.

Faculty of the department are actively engaged in research in the areas such as polymer synthesis, liquid crystals and liquid crystalline polymers, metal-incorporated polymers, pour-point depressants, organic synthesis including natural products chemistry, catalysis, inorganic micro- and meso-porous materials, and waste-water treatment containing dyes/heavy chemicals. The faculty of the department has received research grants from DST, AICTE, UGC, CSIR and ONGC and also is supported by Industry by way of short-term development projects.

The Department has also instituted two Gold Medals for the students having highest aggregate marks in the four semesters in M. Sc. The department has an outstanding research record as reflected in the number of research papers published and number of PhD. degrees awarded.