About Department

Department of Textile Engineering:

The department was established in 1953, under the Faculty of Technology & Engineering, Baroda. Prior to this the department existed since 1890, offering certificate courses. Diploma courses (LTM) were offered from 1933, which is still continued as D.T.T. Thus the department is one of the oldest departments of the Textile Courses.

Now, department offers the graduate courses in Textile Engineering and Textile Technology. The department offers postgraduate degree in Textile Engineering since 1964 and postgraduate course in Man-Made fibres since 1998.


  • 1890: Kalabhavan Technical Institute started offering artisan and apprentice courses in Dyeing, Bleaching and Sizing.
  • 1897: Textile Technology certificate course introduced ( School of Weaving ).
  • 1908: Diploma and certificate course in Weaving Technology.
  • 1949: Forming of University.
  • 1949: Federation of Mills and Industries earmarked Rs. 7,53,000 for Textile Technology.
  • 1953: Degree course in Textile Engineering.
  • 1954: Degree course in Textile Technology.
  • 1964: Master in Textile Engineering
  • 1998: Master in Textile ( Man-made fibres ).