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  The Faculty of Family and Community Sciences has evolved into a premier institute encompassing dynamic fields of studies. Spanning over a period of six decades the faculty has made conscious efforts towards redefining and broadening its view in response to the rapidly changing national and global scenario. It offers a professional culture, vibrant teachinIt is also offering One year P.G.Diploma in Fashion Retailing and Merchandising to achieve the goal of transmitting a broader range of competencies, the institute  created its innovative curriculum that addresses the needs of fashion industry . The courses develop the  creativity in students while also teaching key technical skills needed to succeed in this competitive industry. These programmes encourages and facilitates innovative design and production through creative exploration, applied research and collaborative enterprise. Our courses are developed to reflect current industry practices, extend students’ market knowledge and explore enterprise opportunities. Students will thus be developing a clear understanding of the collaborative and holistic nature of design projects.
g learning ethos, engagement with the issues of social relevance, team work and intrinsic motivation to better the best. The inception of The Institute of Fashion Technology inthe year 2013 under the umbrella of Faculty of Family and Community Sciences is the otcome of the above.

The Institute of Fashion technology is the first of its kind in Baroda which includes multi disciplines under the same roof mainly to create educational, social and business opportunities for the fashion and technology industries. The Institute was created with the vision that fashion education needs  to remain competitive and provide employment in the rapidly changing fashion industry . The various programs offered by the institute will run under the aegis of the premier departments in the field of Family and Community Sciences i.e Clothing and Textiles and Extension Communications.

The Institute is offering  Three Degree Programmes in:

1. Textiles and Apparel Design
2. Garment Technology
3. Fashion Communication
The Institute also aims to impart professional education to students who are looking out for new specializations and emerging professions within the fashion field such as Image Consultants, Fashion Stylists, Fashion Photographers, Fashion merchandisers, Exhibition Designers, Trashion Designers.