From Director's Desk

From Director's Desk:

The entire team of Institute of Leadership and Governance (ILG) joins me in extending a warm welcome to the Institute of Leadership and Governance, a one of its kind Institute of The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda.
My journey with the Institute began in 2018 from its annual flagship event, the National Youth Conference titled ‘YUGAANTAR’  | Karan nahi Nirakaran. |  Following the tradition of hosting its events on dates that mark the life’s journey of an Indian who has made remarkable contributions in making of Bharat; ILG celebrates the
birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, also marked as the National Youth Day as its Foundation Day.
We are blessed to belong to a land of rich cultural values of Aham Brahmasmi to Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam; which has time and again demonstrated its magnanimity of being inclusive immaterial of the diversities of all kinds. The temperament of India as a nation has always been all embracing and hence we have been able to retain the diversities in dress, food, habits, customs, caste, dialects, religion, culture which we are proud of as an Indian. ILG comprehends that it is our prime responsibility as inheritors of the land called ‘Bharat’ to imbibe its values to become more inclusive in our thoughts, words and actions to ensure progress of all living beings. In fact, I myself have felt the sentiment and still stand strong on it through 4 years of journey with the ILG family beginning YUGAANTAR 2018. The spirit of Team ILG is a reflection of its stakeholders who epitomize the concept of one world, one family; always aiming to bring into its’ realm everyone with the same feeling of belongingness and oneness.
Institute of Leadership and Governance has been a patron in bringing a change by its long and short term certificate programs that support the educational endeavors of the nation. The transdisciplinary stature of the Institute extends warm hospitality to ideas, along with respecting the ideological backgrounds of the stakeholders. The Institute integrates knowledge and values from several disciplinary areas and believes in learning from all and for all. The Institute through its activities has always aimed at setting the stage right for the youth to come together to deliberate on the facts from ground zero. The Institute binds its stakeholders beyond the diversity in language, religion and culture that we live in.
Pray we continue our endeavours to be together for larger good and be triumphant over forces that break our unity.
Striving for UNITY more than UNIFORMITY

Dr. Reena Bhatia.

Director - Institute of Leadership and Governance.

The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda Vadodara - 390002