About Department



Centre for Theological Studies under the aegis of the Institute of Leadership and Governance has been established with the view of facilitating theological studies in a secularized and competitive field of education. It offers short term courses, conduct events focusing on teaching and integrating original and correct ideologies and value based education.

Centre for Theological Studies envisaged to preserve and promote the rich cultural and religious tradition of India, where students can have in-depth theological investigation in the context of the fast changing world scenario and modern education systems.


Sadbhavna-Center for Theological Studies

  • Learnings from Bible & Christianity
  • Learnings from Torah & Judaism
  • Learnings from Awesta & Parsism
  • Learnings from Quran & Islam
  • Learnings from Tripitaka & Buddhism
  • Learnings from Agamsutra & Jainism
  • Learnings from Gurugranth sahib & Sikhism
  • Learnings from Bhagwad Geeta
  • Learnings from Mahabharat
  • Learnings from Ramayan