About Department

Sindhu – Center for Indic Studies:

  • The Centre for Indic Studies is a centre associated with The Institute of Leadership and Governance of the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda.
  • Keeping with the spirit of the institute, the aim of the centre is to inspire qualities and knowledge in the students that is essential for leadership and governance.
  • To achieve this aim the centre conducts activities like debates & lectures related to the field of Indian culture, values and philosophy.
  • It focuses on activities that reveal the meaning importance & relevance of the ideas of the Indian scriptures,epics & the ideas of the great thinkers of Indian society.
  • In this way, the centre aims to make the students aware of richness and present relevance of Indian social cultural & spiritual values.


  • Introduction to Vedas
  • Introduction to Upanishad
  • Integral Humanism
  • Patanjali Yogsutra
  • Panchatantra
  • Kautilya Arthshastra
  • Krushnaniti
  • Vidurniti
  • Kanikniti
  • Vibhishan Geeta