About Department

Maharaja RanjitSinh Gaekwad Institute of Design (MRID):

The Faculty of Fine Arts, one of the premier art school of India, is dedicated to the education of professional artists and scholars of theory of art more than half a century. It has been recognized on global level as the foremost institute in India in the field of Visual Arts. As part of the dissemination and expansion of the art and design curriculum, Faculty of Fine Arts has established in 2013, a National level Design Institute under its auspices.

The Design Institute is named after the alumni of the Faculty and the erstwhile Maharaja of Baroda, Shrimant Ranjit Sinh Gaekwad, hence the name, Maharaja Ranjit Sinh Gaekwad Institute of Design [MRID]. MRID offers design courses at the Graduate and post Graduate levels specializing in Craft and Design, Communication Design, Accessory Design, Ceramic & Glass and Moving Images. The Degrees offered are with the Bachelor of Design [B.Des] and Master of Design [M.Des].

MRID is intending to create an advantageous academic environment of creative minds working in pure visual arts along with Craft and Modern Design. The Maharaja Sayajirao University envisages a very fruitful interaction of these creative minds which will be a unique experiment in the design as well as visual art pedagogy in India.