About Department

Department of Extension and Communication:

The rapid proliferation and progress of tele-communications and media technologies in recent years and their socio-cultural impact have brought about profound changes in almost every sphere of human activity, and education is no exception. This led to the changes in the academic structure of the department . As a result, the curriculum in the department has been revised so as to make it more relevant to the today's information society.Now, it focuses on two major components "Extension " and " Communication". Thus, the nomenclature of the department is changed to Extension and Communication.

The department offers courses that include experience and training in the theories and practices of the modern communication process with special reference to Extension . The courses are designed to develop in students the communication skills to lay a foundation for development of a superior teacher personality, as well as development practisioners.

The courses are offered to initiate the students into conceptualizing and developing various communication methods and materials for formal and non-formal educational set-ups. The focus on extension progrmmes-planning, implementation and evaluation, make the students eligible for employment in community development programmes with government and non-government organisations. The graduate programmes of the department open up avenues for post graduate studies in the department along with other areas of specialization, namely social work, mass communication, journalism, advertising and public relations. The post graduate studies lead students to careers in teaching, research, communication, planning and administration of specialised service in extension or social welfare agencies. The programme will benefit the country specially by providing communication and extension personnel for developmental projects.

The department has five laboratories each for Multi Media studies, Non-formal Education - Pragati , Methods of Teaching, Teaching aids lab, Rural Extension lab. The Reading cum Documentation Centre exclusively for students in the department has theses, books and journals for different courses offered at both the undergraduate and post graduate levels. A total of two scholarships, two gold medals and a prize are instituted for the achievers at the undergraduate and post graduate levels of the department.

The striking features of this department are :

  • Scholarships and Gold Medals.
  • Internship for P.G. Students
  • Weekly post graduate seminars.
  • Media production- electronic and non-electronic on variety of subjects.
  • Collaboration with Government, Non-Government, NGO-CSR and Voluntary agencies for community outreach programmes.


A. strong Alumni Association

  • Providing physical Assets
  • R and D Centre
  • Books and Theses
  • PRAGATI - Non-Formal Education Centre
  • Water Cooler

B. A strong Industry - Department Interface

  • JAGRUTI : A Rural Laboratory built with donation from IOC
  • R and D Centre with IPCL donation
  • PRAGATI - NFE Centre with ONGC donation

C. Action Research

Projects in collaboration with CC/AE, M.S.U. and ONGC

D. A strong collaboration with Government/Semi Government/ Non-Government Agencies.

  • Working with SSP, RRP
  • Representation at state level committee for planning Continuing
  • Adult Education in Gujarat
  • Training Nodal Preraks of Vadodara District on request from DRDA
  • Member of DRDA
  • Resource persons at DIET
  • Evaluation team for ¡¥Media Research¡¦ of GIET
  • Member of VMC planning committee

E. Women's Empowerment

Media production for promotion of

  • Legal Literacy
  • Consumer Education
  • Human Right Awareness
  • Income Generation projects/self Employment
  • Entrepreneurship training

F. Conducting Research for

  • International
  • National
  • Regional
  • State Level Departments
  • Television programme production for Local TV channel
  • Educational and Field programmes