About Department

Department of Geology:

The Department of Geology was established in the year 1951 initially in the Faculty of Technology and Engineering with limited staff and equipment's with undergraduate teaching. The present venue of the Department in the Faculty of Science was established in 1965 with full fledged undergraduate, postgraduate courses and research programmes in varied disciplines of Geology. An extension wing was added in 1987. At present there are 12 faculty members in the Department, of which six are Professors.

The Department is offering B.Sc., M. Sc., MSc. (Applied Geology) and M.Sc. (Petroleum Geology) courses. Since its inception, a total of 145 students have completed their Ph.D. and 12 students are working at present for their Ph.D. The research students include those with fellowships from CSIR, major research projects and also from ONGC, GSI, ISRO, PRL and state government departments. The Department is well known nationally and internationally for high quality teaching and cutting edge research particularly in the areas of Quaternary Geology, palaeoclimatology, Geomorphology, Neotectonics, Sedimentology, Metamorphic Petrology, Ichnology, Palaeohydrology and Remote sensing. Majority of the teaching staff are actively pursuing their research with the help of funding from Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry of Earth Science, ISRO, UGC and others.Over the years, the Department has gained a reputation as a major contributor to the frontline research in Earth Science in the country. All staff members are well known for producing high quality research which is published and cited in reputed national and international journals.

The Department has traditionally maintained a vibrant atmosphere of teaching and research. The main strength of the Department is the well qualified and highly distinguished faculty. The staff members are well known for their research work in their respective fields. The Department also has several laboratories and state of art equipments for carrying out teaching and research. The syllabi of the various courses are periodically upgraded in line with contemporary trends and needs. This is reflected in the large number of students qualifying in NET and other competitive examinations. The students also get placement regularly in several reputed government and private organisations.

Geology has always been an interesting and alluring subject, which attracts students in large numbers. For students opting for Geology, we have adopted the modern world techniques of rapid communication and knowledge dispersal by providing opportunities for active participation of the students. Field based practical knowledge is given priority. Sincere efforts are continuously made for creating additional infrastructure to bring about quality changes in the existing facilities to upgrade the standard of teaching.

The Department is housed in three storied building along with an extension wing. All staff members are provided with individual rooms in addition to the laboratories. The Department has well equipped laboratories with sophisticated instruments, several lecture rooms with audio-visual facilities and computer room with internet facility for staff and students. Specialised laboratories with advanced instruments which include Sedimentology lab, Geochemistry lab, Remote Sensing lab, Advanced Optical lab and Micropalaeontology lab. The Department also has advanced field equipments like GPR, GPS, Resistivity meter and fieldwork camping facilities. The Department also has a well furnished Seminar room and library. A centralised canteen facility of the Faculty of Science for students is located adjacent to the Department.
The Department is known for producing high quality research publications in reputed national and international journals. All staff members have excellent academic credentials and are recognised for guiding research students. Some of the staff members possess very high citation index, a reflection of the high quality research being carried out in the Department. Some of the aspects of research being actively pursued by the staff members of the Department are as follows:
a) Quaternary climatic and Hydrogeological changes in Western India.
b) Evolution of Coastal plains and sediment disposal system along Gulf of Cambay and Kachchh.
c) Geometry and nature of active faults in Gujarat.
d) Evolution of Great and little Rann of Kachchh using subsurface cores.
e) Environmental conditions during late Quaternary in the Nal-Bhal corridor.
f) Structural and metamorphic history of the Aravalli Group of rocks of NE Gujarat.
g) Ichnological and Sedimentological studies of Mesozoic and Cenozoic sequences in Gujarat.