About Faculty

The Faculty of Education & Psychology of the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda has its origin from the Secondary Training College, Baroda. Mr. R. Littlehaile's, Education Commissioner with the Government of India, made a survey of Education in the Baroda State in 1933. He found the paucity of Trained Teachers in Secondary Schools of the state. In his report he recommended starting of a Secondary Gaekwad accepted the proposal and established Secondary Teachers Training College, Baroda in 1935. It was affiliated to the University of Bombay in the year 1938.This institution became the Faculty of Education & Psychology in the year 1949 as the constituent of the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda with two departments - Education and Psychology.

The Practicing High School of the Secondary Teachers' Training College was also reorganized into the University Experimental School with all the Primary and Secondary classes for Practice Teaching and Experiments. In the year 1951, the Department of Educational Administration was set up. It was followed by the establishment of two more Departments, viz., The Department of Extension Services in 1955 and the Department of General Education in 1957 which offered General Education courses to the students of different faculties of the University.

The Faculty today consists of three departments,viz.,the Department of Education, the Department of Educational Administration and the Department of Psychology; the University Experimental School. The Faculty also houses the University Employment Bureau in its CASE building