Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical and Applied Hypnosis (HPP)

Program: Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical and Applied Hypnosis (HPP)

Department of Psychology at M.S. University of Baroda has been running a Diploma Course in Clinical and Applied Hypnosis since 2001-2002. The course has been developed based on the years of ongoing research, clinical experience and the training of many successful faculty members in clinical hypnosis. The department promotes the course as complementary as well as alternative therapy to the professionals. So far several practicing doctors and psychologists have undertaken the course and have reported its effectiveness in their routine treatments and therapies. The terms clinical hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy refers to both the diagnosis of problems and the application of hypnotherapeutic approaches to treat client/patients within a clinical and structured framework. The curriculum includes historical overview of hypnosis, myths and misconceptions about hypnosis, how our mind works, preparing and educating the client for hypnosis, the hypnotic phenomenon, principles of inducing a client into hypnosis, deepening hypnotic techniques, learning self-hypnosis, inducing hypnotic anesthesia, using hypnosis for stress reduction, hypnosis for weight loss, smoking cessation hypnosis, live hypnosis demonstrations plus supervised small group hypnosis practice sessions, all in a small class environment. Also included is Ericksonian Hypnosis Techniques, Hypnosis for pain management, Hypnotic age regression therapy, treatment of habit disorders, hypnosis for sports and athletic performance, hypnosis with children, therapeutic hypnotherapy metaphors, forensic and investigative hypnosis, sexual hypnosis therapy, hypnosis for anxiety states and phobias, hypnotherapy for past life regression, hypnosis and psychology, plus hypnotic demonstrations and small group practice sessions. Students are also given a brief on Freud's classical hypnosis methodology.

Program mode: (HP) Higher payment program

Program level: Post Graduate
Program mode: Higher Payment Program
Subjects offered: As per prospectus
Eligibility criteria:

Graduation with psychology, medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, homeopathy, ayurveda, naturopathy

Intake capacity: 20
Duration of Program: 1 year (2 Semester)
Mode of Admission: Please refer to MSU IS Website
Opening Dates for online application: Closed
Closing Dates for online application: Closed
Contact Person Info: Dr Parisha Jijina ,Email ID: Department of Psychology, Contact: Faculty of Education and Psychology, (Office Ph 0265-2795019). DR.RASHMIN SOMPURA, Mo:- 9537510055/9054190588, Email Id:-, Time :- 10:00 AM TO 7:00 PM
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