Centre for Canadian Studies (NITI Aayog)

Centre for Canadian Studies (NITI Aayog):

Centre for Canadian Studies dates back in the early 1980s when the UGC made its first serious attempt to involve Canadian Studies in the Academia. It was established with the support of Professor J. Birje-Patil, Former Head, Department of English at The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda along with other eminent academicians and scholars of India. Consequently, the Department of English was identified by UGC to develop Canadian Studies in Literature on 10 December1982. Since then, the center has been active in facilitating research and other academic activities in the multidisciplinary fields of Canadian Studies. 

The Centre has a library that consists of a rich collection of books on various subjects related to Indo-Canadian Studies. In addition, it has been holding several academic events such as expert talks, workshops, conferences, and seminars. It can be noted that the Centre has garnered support from The Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, New Delhi for many years in fostering the research in the bi-national research activities. In addition, the Centre also published a reputed journal on Canadian studies for several years. 

Keeping NEP 2020 in mind, the center will strive to become a prominent research hub in the multidisciplinary fields of Indo-Canadian Studies and thereby, cultivate collaborative environment among faculties and institutes across the two countries. It will focus on creating a bi-national structure of research with a view to enhancing mutually benefiting discourses.   

The Centre aims to foster bi-national collaborative research in the fields related to Indo-Canadian literature and culture. Some of the thrust areas are as follows:  Diaspora Studies: A Bi-National Link, Intersectional Studies of Gendered Diaspora in Canada, Indigenous Literature and Culture, Education Policies in India and Canada, and Scopes of Further Collaborations among Indo-Canadian Institutions.