Sayajirao Centre for Alternate Dispute Resolution (SCADR)

Sayajirao Centre for Alternate Dispute Resolutions (ADR):
Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) is a process of dispute resolution other than adjudication through the Court of Law. ADR is also called as Appropriate Dispute Resolution. ADR is the process of settling dispute or difference without litigation, amicably, through methods such as Expert Determination, Neutral Evaluation, Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation or the hybrid formations of the same. Manifold disputes in society have surfaced over a period of time, be it disputes on commercial transactions, institutional or on the family front, people are forced to knock the doors of Court for resolution of disputes. As Court proceedings sever the ties between the parties to its entirety, the importance of Alternation Dispute Resolution Mechanisms have regained.  
ADR techniques are seen as a future of dispute resolution and specific attempts are in the process for its greater acceptability across the world. It is understood and a well-accepted fact that a student of Law has a much greater stake in the growth of ADR. 

Lawyers can play diverse roles as an ADR Counsels, ADR advisors, ADR Consultants, and also as Adjudicators, Negotiators, Arbitrators, Conciliators and Mediators. In Court System, Court visit and Chamber visits for law students transpire as part of litigation training. Whereas, in ADR, training for Law Students & Young Lawyers can effectively take place through such centres which can impart necessary skills for resolution of disputes as young lawyers cannot participate and observe private disputes, elsewhere. Further, looking into the growing importance of ADR, the Bar Council of India has also given exceptional weightage to the subject. 
The Faculty of Law has been actively involved in the area of Alternate Dispute Resolution in collaboration with District Legal Services Authority and qualified teachers, students and industry.  The teachers of the Faculty of Law are young, dynamic and potential to undertake Research and other Activities. To boost the activities in the area of ADR and to promote the “culture of settlement” in the young minds, Sayajirao Centre for Alternate Dispute Resolution has been established.

• To Develop effective conflict resolution skills among students and young lawyers, who intend to practice and to become ADR Practitioners.
• To enhance and support ADR activities.
• To establish collaborations with Institutions of repute, including the Local Legal Service Society, District Mediation Centre, and High Court Arbitration and Mediation Centre.  
• To facilitate and develop research & development in ADR.
• To organise National and International Events and Competitions on ADR.  
• To offer Certificate Courses on ADR Mechanisms.
• To offer professional skills to the disputant parties for resolution of disputes.
• To offer consultancy to institutions, organisations and corporates.