Examination Section

Examination Section :

The role of Examination Section is to arrange various examination, preparation and declaration of results of different examinations of different faculties. Rank, Attempt and Other Special type of certificates. Work related to Ph.D, declaring Gold medals, Awarding Degree and Diploma certificates is a part of duty of this section.

NOTE: Educational credentials will be forwarded to the concerned Educational Credential Evaluation agency through:

Email-ID: verification@msubaroda.ac.in



Controller of Examination

Prof. (Dr.) Bhavna Mehta

I/c Controller of Examination

: ----- NA -----
: controller-exam@msubaroda.ac.in

Deputy Registrar


Deputy Registrar

: 0265-2789485
: dr-exam@msubaroda.ac.in

Technical Staff

Administrative Staff

Mr. Kirit V. Rahevar


: ----- NA -----
: kirit.rahevar-exam@msubaroda.ac.in

Mr J. M. Patel


: ----- NA -----
: jayeshbhai.patel-exam @msubaroda.ac.in

Mr. Ujjval A. Shah


: ----- NA -----
: ujjval.shah-exam@msubaroda.ac.in

Office Staff