Smt. Hansa Jivraj Mehta

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    Smt. Hansa Jivraj Mehta

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  • Award:

    Padma Bhushan(1959)

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    Politics, Education and Activism Literary career


Education:  She received her Education from Baroda University as well as from London.

Biography:  Hansa Mehta Was Born in a Nagar Brahmin Family On 3 July 1897.

She was a Daughter of Manubhai Mehta, Dewan of Baroda State, And the Granddaughter of Nandshankar Mehta, The Author of The First Gujarati Novel Karan Ghelo.

She Graduated with Philosophy In 1918. She Studied Journalism And Sociology in England. In 1918, She Met Sarojini Naidu And Later Mahatma Gandhi In 1922.

She was married to Jivraj Narayan Mehta, An Eminent Physician and Administrator.

She wrote Several Children's Books in Gujarati Including Arunnu Adbhut Swapna (1934), Bablana Parakramo (1929), Balvartavali Part 1-2 (1926, 1929).

She translated some Books of Valmiki Ramayana: Aranyakanda, Balakanda and Sundarakanda. She translated many English Stories, Including Gulliver's Travels. She had also Adapted Some Plays of Shakespeare. Her essays were collected and published as Ketlak Lekho (1978).