Shri. Dattajirao Krishnarao Gaekwad

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    Shri. Dattajirao Krishnarao Gaekwad

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    Sports and Advanture

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    Former Indian Cricketer.


Biography: Dattajirao Krishnarao Gaekwed (bornd 27 October 1928). He appeared in 11 Test matches, toured England in 1952 and 1959 and West Indies in 1952–53. He captained the Indian team in the 1959 tour.

India's oldest living Test cricketer, Dattajirao Krishnarao Gaekwad, turned 92 on Tuesday and, even at this age, he recalled his entire career with pin-point accuracy -- from his alma mater Maharani Chimnabai High School in Baroda to winning the Ranji Trophy in his first year as Baroda captain in 1957-58 to representing India.

The postal department paid a fine tribute to Gaekwad as it issued a Special Cover in his honour on Thursday. Titled "Dedicated to Shri DK Gaekwad", it bore the former India captain's photo printed in the centre, along with that of other stalwarts of Baroda cricket.

As a batsman Gaekwad "possessed a sure defence and delightfully crisp shots especially through the covers". He was also an occasional leg spin bowler. As of 2018, he is India's oldest living Test cricketer.