Shri Subroto Das

About Me:

  • Name:

    Shri Subroto Das

  • Category:

    Sports and Advanture

  • Award:

    Padma Shri (1999)

  • Area:

    Trauma Care


Education: Graduated from Baroda Medical College refused to practice medicine soon after passing out as he felt much of the practice was corrupt.

Biography: The second ever medical graduate trained in hospital administration in the state of Gujarat, Dr. Subroto Das drew life’s first lessons from the game of cricket. He learned as school cricket captain that all lasting success depends on teamwork and developed strategies to bring his team powerfully together. A skilled tennis and basketball player, he draws the strategies used in sports to analyze his failures and to regroup for new victories.
An only child, Subroto took up medical studies at his parents’ insistence, but he soon became fascinated with hospital administration and marketing, a discipline that gave him insights into how better health care systems could be put into place. This cemented in his mind the importance of networking. On a cricketing visit to Lord’s in London in 1987, he took time off to study British health care delivery systems. A chance visit to rural India soon after opened his eyes to the huge gap in his country’s health care system and in particular, to the abysmal lack of trauma care. His passion to change the system had its genesis during this visit.
Two personal experiences brought this passion to bear on emergency care and resulted in the birth of the Highway Rescue Project. First, he lost a friend in a road accident because help did not arrive in time. Then he, his wife, and a friend were involved in a nearly fatal accident, stranded with their injuries for nearly five hours before a kind milkman stopped to help. Even after the milkman arrived, it took hours for them to reach the nearest hospital. Subroto decided then that he could not let such misfortune continue to fall on others.