Dr. Chaturbhai S. Patel

Dr. Chaturbhai S. Patel

  • Tenure:

    1953 – 1964

  • Education:

    He did his B.A. (Honours) from Bombay University in 1919, followed by an M.Sc. also from Bombay University in 1923 and a Ph.D. in Chemistryfrom Leeds University, in 1930.


Dr. Patel started as a Lecturer in Industrial Chemistry and later, continued as a Professor of Chemical Technology as well as Superintendent (Dye House) at the Kalabhavan Technical Institute during 1921-1949.

He served as the Director of Technological InstituteandIndustrial Chemist (Baroda) from 1941 to 1949. He was the member of the Senate of Bombay University from 1935-1947. In 1942, he was recognized as a Post-Graduate Teacher in Chemistry at the Bombay University. Later, he worked as a Professor of Chemistry at the Faculty of Science, The M.S. University of Baroda from 6th October 1950 to 19th March 1951. During 19th March 1951 to 30th June 1954, he held the positions of Professor (Chemistry) and the Dean (Faculty of Science) at The M.S. University of Baroda. Dr. Patel, was later appointed as the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the M.S. University of Baroda for which he worked from 1st May 1953 to 29th April 1964.

Dr. C.S. Patel held memberships at various organizations and committees during his professional career. Of which those in the Former Baroda State, included being a part of Industries Board since its inception in 1937, Cottage Industries Committee (1942), Students' Advisory Bureau for Foreign Training (1945), Trade and Industry Sub-Committee of the Post-War Committee (1947) as well as Baroda University Committee (1947). He was also a member of the Industrial Research Committee in the Government of Bombay. His memberships with the Government of India include being a part of the Research Committee for Fatty Oils and Soap Industries of the Industrial Research Bureau; Food Industries Panel No. 1(Milk and Milk Products) , Food Directorate; and, Executive Committee of the Indian Science Congress association. nHe has also held memberships in the Senate of Gujarat University (Ahmedabad), Senate of Sardar Patel University (Vallabh Vidyanagar), Senate and Syndicate of The M.S. University of Baroda, Inter-University Board of India and Ceylon, Association of Commonwealth Universities, Joint Board of Vice-Chancellors of the Statutory Universities in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, Textile and Allied Industries Research Organization (Baroda), NCC Advisory Committee of Gujarat State (Ahmedabad), Vice-Chairman of State Industrial Research Committee, Chairman at the Sub-Committee of State Industrial Research Committee, Mahatma Gandhi Centenary Celebration Committee (Gujarat State), Higher Education Committee (Gujarat State), General Council and the Governing Body of the National Institute of Community Development (Hyderabad), President of the Baroda Branch of the Indian Institute of Public Administration, Citizens' Council (Baroda Municipal Corporation, Council of Management for Educational Activities of the Nehru Foundation for Development (Ahmedabad).nnHis papers and abstracts have been jointly published in Journal of Indian Chemical Society Current Science, Journal of Chemical Society (London) and other abstracts in the proceedings of the Indian Science Congress. He traveled abroad extensively including places like Europe, Belgium, Holland, England as well as France and Germany where he visited twice. He, again, undertook visits to different institutions and universities on 23rd January 1968. His interest in sports mainly involved Cricket.