Prof. Sharad M. Joshi

Prof. Sharad M. Joshi

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Dr. Prof. Sharadchandra M. Joshi, has held several prestigious positions, few amongst them are – Pro-Vice-Chancellor, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Advisor-Public Services Examinations Selections, Expert Member-AICTE Committee

Having a teaching experience spanning thirty years, Dr. Joshi has contributed equally in the academic milieu by authoring several engineering books, articles, and guided researches as well.

Dr. Joshi is gifted with a multifaceted personality. In spite of belonging to the techno scientific world he is also inclined towards spiritualism. He is deeply influenced by Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy. Contradicting the common presumption, that spiritualism and materialism are two irreconcilable extremes, they in fact overlap. This alchemy is the core philosophy of his discourses.Being the Chairman, Sri Aurobindo Society, Gujarat, he has organized various camps, study groups, events and delivered talks and lectures on Sri Aurobindo’s integral philosophy. In the current postmodern environment, he believes, youngsters benefit from this pragmatic and utilitarian philosophy.Currently, Dr. Joshi is the distinguished faculty teaching ‘Foundations of Indian Culture’ at AURO University, Surat. Equipping the learners with the twelve core values, so integral to our culture, is to empower them in all the four domains i.e. physical, mental, vital and spiritual.